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Robinhood Crypto Wallet, Robinhood Crypto - JessicaMccain - Mon, 14 Feb 22 16:47

Robinhood crypto wallet waitlist has surpassed 1.6 million users. When launched, the crypto wallet will finally allow users to move cryptocurrencies on and off the platform. The high demand indicates users are eager to gain control over their coins.

Robinhood crypto wallet will allow you to move your crypto in and out of your app in a few taps: send your crypto to other wallet addresses and receive supported
cryptocurrencies into your Robinhood account. This means you can consolidate your coins into one account so it’s easier to track your portfolio, move supported coins
into your Robinhood account so you can trade those coins commission-free, and more.

A Robinhood wallet allows users to send and receive cryptocurrency to and from other wallet addresses. Previously, Robinhood held all its customers' cryptocurrency and users could not take their holdings off the platform.

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