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Mission at the biggest port in runescape - Port Sarim - nfkjasfas - Wed, 22 Sep 21 15:01

Yes, magic level can go higher however I'm not sure if I'm interested. According to some reports that higher levels of magic typically result in less damage from magic OSRS Gold. It is, however, possible to increase it through high alchs, teleports, or other means (without increasing hp) and this could be beneficial in the long term. Three aspects are my primary issue: how often I should be training range and attack, as well as defense.

I'm not going to be focusing on increasing my strength any more. Strength isn't necessary in staking, and it appears I've already trained it too much. I'm currently working on attack to be able to keep up with range, so it does not affect combat levels. It's fairly simple. In the ideal scenario, I'd like to have to have a staker that is between levels 80 and 85, where rangers can reach their prime relative meleers go wild in str, att and def.

However I'm not certain what my level of defense should be by the time I get to the cb range of 80-85 (and remember, the more defense I work on, the less attack/range I'll have in comparison). I'd appreciate any comments on this as well as other aspects regarding my stakestaking.

I've been looking through the forum and find myself amused by all the members that can believe that because we don't want to spend 6 dollars just to make a post on the forum is a sign that we're noobs that aren't worthy of living. I find it hilarious how many people appear to be f2pers, and ask for free items Buy OSRS Fire Cape. It makes us look bad and they shouldn't have the right to make posts. I'm going to squash the main arguments of their posts.