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Dhow Cruise Dubai - Happy Desert Safari - jhonsmiths - Mon, 19 Jul 21 14:47

Happy Tourism will start your Dhow cruise tour as you show up at the dhow cruise dubai side gathering point, where our staff will invite you on an astonishing honorary pathway. At the point when you enter in the conventional Arabian wooden and sufficiently bright boat, you will detect the otherworldly sentiment of the air. Happy Adventures committed staff will help you to get your saved seat and will serve you the invigorating invite refreshments.
For all those who would like to get to know the traditional and cultural side of the city, the best way to do so is to go on a dhow cruise dubai - Happy desert safari ride. The option to book a dinner at a Dhow cruise Dubai will give you a chance to witness some of the best views along with a delectable buffet and chilled soft drinks. The cruise ride will start from the beautiful marina and take you through the Venetian canals. There will be entertainers onboard performing for you. The best part is to watch the “tanoura” dance and the sunset from the dhow cruise. The views are spectacular and will give you many opportunities of clicking some of the best photographs for your collection.