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Turnips In Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Acnhlrrygcx - Wed, 30 Jun 21 14:12

At the straw market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Sundays, turnips are the most common vegetables. It is also the Nook nephews' favorite thing. They will buy turnips from players at different prices. Players hope to get Animal Crossing Bells by selling their turnips.

How to buy turnips?

Daisy Mae, as a new generation of NPC, has taken over the job of grandmother and manages the straw market. She will arrive on your island every Sunday from 5 am to 12 noon. This is a once-a-week opportunity where players can buy turnips from her. But be careful not to buy too much, because turnips that are not sold within a week will rot.

How to sell turnips?

Every day of the week, the Nook twins will bid for turnips in Nook's Cranny. Generally, there will be a new bid after 12 o'clock.

Players will not get a lower price than you buy turnips. Even if the quotation is gradually reduced within a week. Sometimes it goes up and down like stocks. Sometimes it will suddenly rise sharply at a certain point in time. Of course, there will be a small continuous increase. So players will also call the straw market the stock market.

Selling players at the highest price within a week will make the most profit. But players need to judge whether it is the highest price. And as I said before, players need to sell them within one week of purchase.

Because turnips are not easy to store, they are also difficult to grow, which easily affects the island’s rating system. There are also disadvantages to this transaction model. Buy Cheap ACNH Items has become a common choice for players. Except for the cost of a few dollars, there are no in-game losses or wasted time.