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Boutique rosin press not to be missed! - vapormok - Mon, 31 May 21 14:41

Boutique rosin press not to be missed!

Hi everyone, do you have any information about cheap rosin press Canada? Today I will introduce several useful nugsmasher rosin presss and compare them to help you choose the rosin press that suits you!

1.ECO Farm Mini Portable press

ECO Farm Mini Portable press is built to sit beautifully on your desktop, or fit easily in your backpack. Ultra lightweight, the ECO Farm Mini's digital time and temperature controller make consistent, efficient presses! Truly a first of its kind, the ECO Farm Mini is the absolute standard for affordable, flexible pressing.

The latest generation of ECO Farm Mini now feature 2.4" x 3.6" solid aluminum dual heat plates. Re-engineering of metal parts within the press allows for easier use and increased durability over time. A foam handle has been added to the top of the press for increased control while the user is engaging the machine.

Engineered to ensure the perfect combination of heat, time and pressure and surface area for personal use. Its compact size makes it not only portable, but also a fraction of the cost compared to similar products on the market.

[Image: rosin.jpg]

2.ECO Farm Heat Rosin Press Machine

Medical plants pure pressure rosin press heat platen: 1.2-inch thick solid aluminum made heating element, 3x2inch Platen, 0~250℃/ 485℉ Temperature Range, 2~5℃ temperature difference.
The clamshell heat presser is able to generate 350kg/ 770lb force and work perfectly.
Digital control panel, aluminum heating element 9x 15.7x 11.8 inch self-weight 13 lbs heat presser with LCD controller: the digital controller has temperature and time function, easy for setting
CE (EMC, MD, Rohs)/ UL certified spare parts: spare parts used on prior heat presses are either CE or UL certified, which remains stable working condition and lower fail rate.


3. ECO Farm 8 Ton Power Rosin Press

Lightweight But Powerful & Sturdy. Maximum Pressing Force Up To 8 Ton. 14000 psi Ram Hydraulic Jack Ensures Successful Pressing at Relatively Low Temperature.
5" x 2.5" Dual Heating Plates with Touchscreen Temperature Control & Press Timer. Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Scale Options
Easy to Operate. No Extra Equipment Required. Save Energy by Automatic Sleep/Wake Modes.
Ergonomic Handle Design Allows You to Move the Press Conveniently.
Suitable for many kinds of flated material, special for oil extraction.
Digital timer & temp controller - Preset desired time and an audible alarm will sound when time is complete.
Set the desired temperature (in Fahrenheit) and element will stop heating when preset temperature is reached.
Heating elements - rosin press plates with more even temp than other suppliers
Strong metal structure - Machine is heavy-duty, commercial-grade, super stable and built

[Image: HP6_7ec2c0bd-e14b-4f12-9f83-1bd2cab2ad41.jpg]

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