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China Brake Pads for Cars suppliers - hdhdra - Fri, 28 Jun 19 07:49

The feature of our brake pads
Excellent braking performance with satisfied customer using
Over GB standard and European ECE R90 standards
Less recession and excellent recovery
Specially friction formula for commercial vehicle with long using life
Reasonable hardness for comfortable pedal feeling.
Product detail
Product name: brake pads
Size: 164.6 x 66.6 x 18.3
Brake system: Brembo
Application: IVECO, NISSAN
Strict selection of high quality raw materials
Using of high quality raw material from well-known companies and automatic production line, ensure our reliable quality.
Excellent performance
Special friction formula for commercial vehicle, R90 certificated.
Bedding strips greatly reduce running-in period.
Fine blanking backing plate with hooks secures bond of backing plate and friction material.
Strict production and control process-Alltour brake pads
Mixing system is controlled completely by computers.
Advanced one time press machine, utilize advanced numerical control technique to control the pressure and temperature during molding
Packing and delivery -Alltour brake pads
Complete management system
ISO/TS16949ISO 9001
86 items with ECE R90 certficatesEAC certificate
Our honors
Certificates for invention patent
Certificates for utility model patent
Certificate of design patentAlltour is approved as
ExibitionsChina Brake Pads for Cars suppliers