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Full Version: A completely extinguished star may cause a sudden explosion that confuses scientists.
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New research indicates A cosmic explosion so fast that puzzled scientists could be an explosion caused by a dying star.

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The so-called fast blue light frequency (FBOT) is due to its "blue" heat and very fast evolution. Only a few of these eruptions have been recorded. (Astronomers often give them eerie nicknames, such as "camel" or "koala.") New models suggest the explosion occurred in the midst of the chaotic environment of a large,

dying star. The star fired a powerful jet. which collides with the layers of gas removed from the star as its melting slows. Models suggest that as the cocoon cools, It will release heat very quickly. which we see as FBOT When we calculate how much energy the cocoon has,

It turned out to be as powerful as FBOT,” said Ore Gottlieb, a theoretical high-energy astrophysicist at Northwestern University who led the research. said in a statement said in a statement Wavelengths and changes within a few days. They light up quickly. then fade away Much faster than a normal supernova star explosion.

They are also new to science. It was first observed four years ago. Scientists have suggested other origin stories. to explain these strange explosions Some astronomers say FBOT may be related to gamma-ray bursts. Which is another series of powerful explosions involving a dying star.
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