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Full Version: Polo shirt outfit ideas to stay sleek and stylish
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Polo shirts are one of the shirts for men that have never go out of trend. Although it has been introduced long time ago, the popularity of the mens clothing piece has never dropped. This might be because of its comfort and ability to make everyone looks good. And its design that can be worn with a number of different pieces. These are the three suggestions for polo top outfit styles you should not miss out because it will make you look sleeker and more stylish.

Outfit #1
The first outfit that you can create from a polo shirt is this casual and chill look. Begin with grabbing your favorite polo shirt from H&M and match it with a pair of jeans you have already owned. It is true when people say a good pair of jeans can be worn with many tops and one of them is, of course, a polo shirt. Choosing jeans can be of your preference since there are so many styles available in stores. You will be surprised of how the selection of your bottom pieces will make so much differences to your outfits. For example, ripped jeans with a polo top would make a funky and fun look, the combination of a straight leg jeans will lean towards a minimal look, while a pair of white jeans will give you a clean and well-groomed look.

Outfit #2
If you are to guess the next piece to be worn with a polo top, what would it be? The suggestion to make a nice relaxed outfit paring with a polo is a pair of nice chino shorts. Unlike wearing the top with jeans, chino pants would give a totally different vibes to your outfit. Because the shorts itself tend to appear to be easy to wear and make the wearer look relaxed, you would barely need to add anything else just to have that relaxed mood to your look. However, the one thing you should be concerned when purchasing chino pants: the fit. It is important to choose the right fit of pants because you knew it, items that are ‘too big’ or ‘too small’ would usually make you look unprepared rather than chic.

Outfit #3
Polo shirts are not made only in short sleeves. If you are bored with the ordinary polo shirts, then you should consider having long sleeve ones. This mens clothing piece will just make the total look a little smarter and sleeker. For the aligned look, pair the top with a pair of trousers to stay neat and clean. You can absolutely match the long sleeve polo with any bottoms but because trousers are made to be structured and polished by themselves, combining them with something equally sophisticated would just level up the whole outfit. Although the long sleeve polos are not as popular shirts for men as the short sleeves, a wise selection of the mix and match can make the item statement-making.

Here are just a few examples of what a polo shirt can be worn with. If you are becoming interested and hoping to get nice quality polo shirts, there are so many nice pieces available on Also, if you have more polo top outfit ideas or any mix and match idea, don’t forget to hashtag #HMxME on your social media to share with the crew!
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