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Every stand, walk, skip, or leap, no matter how hard you try, appears to be more agonising than the last. So, what exactly is it about the foot that makes them so painful?

You may have suffered nerve loss or neuropathy if you have diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy is a typical complication of the disease that may cause persistent, widespread nerve discomfort. The feet, on the other hand, are the most affected by tingling, burning, and even numbness. Peripheral neuropathy is the explanation behind this. You can use gabantin 300 to cure nerve pain.

One of four forms of diabetic nerve pain is peripheral neuropathy. It's one of the most prevalent kinds of diabetic nerve pain, with the feet and legs being the first to be affected. Sharp pains, muscular weakness, loss of balance, foot infections or ulcers, and increased sensitivity to touch are some of the most typical symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Neuropathy is caused by nerve injury to a single or numerous nerve groups. High blood glucose or blood sugar levels over a long period of time induce nerve damage as a consequence of diabetes. Blood glucose levels that are too high may damage even the smallest blood vessels, limiting blood flow throughout the body.

The feet lack the nutrition and oxygen they need to perform without discomfort if there isn't enough blood flow.

Is there anything you can do to avoid more pain or nerve damage in your toes and feet?

Take Care of Your Feet
Simply keeping a regular foot care routine may help you avoid future injury and discomfort in your feet. Here are a few activities that you may undertake at home. For more details visit PillsPalace site.

Check your feet for blisters, bruises, cuts, or broken skin on a regular basis. You should also look for any signs of edoema or redness.
Always try to keep your feet dry and clean. Use lukewarm water and a light soap to wash your feet. Dry in between your toes and pat dry with a towel.
Wear shoes that are both supportive and enable your toes to wiggle. Your podiatrist may be able to help you choose the right shoes for you.

Make sure you're wearing clean, dry socks before you put your shoes on. For added comfort, use cotton or moisture-wicking socks with no tight bands.
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