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Full Version: Preparing science subjects
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We present to you the general objectives of the article:

Strengthening the Islamic faith, through which the learner's attention is directed to the universe, human beings, and the patterns of life in this world and the hereafter.

Consolidating the values ​​of citizenship and social values ​​for the learner.

Help provide beginners with the right degrees of useful information and abilities, aligned with scholarly making plans that take into account the characteristics of students new to this degree.
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All-round personal development of the learner; Diversify the educational fun offered to them.

Reducing lost time and expenses by reducing repetition, stopping school, and the consequent psychological, social and financial problems until now, and not repeating the entire school year. Special Objectives of the Article:

Consolidating the learner’s faith in God Almighty, introducing him to God’s creation of the first degree, and with the splendor, accuracy, and consistency of the power and greatness of the Creator, the Mighty and Sublime.

Providing the learner with the appropriate amount of information and scientific concepts that help him understand and explain natural phenomena and realize the services that science provides to men in terms of facilitating his existence and allowing him to benefit from them in the correct manner.

Instilling the seeds of scientific technology in the learner’s psyche by developing his tendency to look, observe, look at, anticipate, test, evaluate, finish, examine statistics, verify their validity, audacity in questioning, know their origins and morals, and express them. opinion and know its limits.

Knowledge of the environment, information and its basic phenomena, and harnessing of technology to repair, expand and maintain it.

Expanding the horizons of the learner by getting to know the natural resources and wealth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and introducing him to the advantages of God over him and his homeland in an attempt to benefit from them for himself and take full advantage of them for his homeland.

Paying attention to the implemented aspects of technological knowledge by providing the learner with the ability to conduct experiments and tests, and enabling him to acquire manual skills and reasonable experience.

Introducing the learner to the rules of health, accustoming him to sound habits and consolidating them, and introducing him to the function performed by accurate fitness in human life.

Appreciating the efforts of Muslim students and highlighting their role in developing science, advancing civilization, and achieving human well-being and progress.
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