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Full Version: Embossing machine indispensable for plant processing!
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Do you know anything about buy rosin press canada ? It is difficult for everyone to choose among these cheap rosin press canada models. If it were you, how would you choose?

1.ECO Farm 5 Ton Heat Press Machine

Voltage: 110V / 220V
Power: 1000W
Time range: 0s-999s
Temperature range: 0-250 ° C
Heat Plate Size: 6cm x 12cm (4.7"x4.7")
Net Weight: 18kg
Gross Weight: 20Kg
Heat Power: 5 tons
Double-sided heating, each heating plate has separate LCD time thermometer control
Switchable between Fahrenheit or Celsius with even pressure.

[Image: 1_a03fd03b-18aa-43f1-a81b-51417bb7db05.jpg]

2. ECO Farm 8 Ton Rosin Press

Working temperature range: 0-250 Celsius degree, 0-450 Fahrenheit degree
Heating plate material: heated aluminum plates
Shell material: three layers painted steel

[Image: 3_a4d39475-6caa-4132-94fe-33b10f0d689c.jpg]

3.ECO Farm Rosin Press

Small manual rosin press machine is suitable for home use
Double-sided heating, each heating plate has a separate time temperature control
Fahrenheit or Celsius can be switched, even pressure
Lightweight and compact, easy to carry and safe delivery, save freight
ECO Farm rosin press can provid double sides heating.hight pressuer and timing.

[Image: IMG_8721.jpg]

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