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Full Version: How good is it now? Which are the main differences?
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I have not played in a very long time. I quit right after the expansive exchange was inserted. I burnt out on it and lost interest. I have a couple of questions. Back when I played with buy RS gold, you did not really need a membership until about level 45 (I think), is that still correct? Is this wilderness? I'd suggest watching a returning player manual to RS3 from youtube.

There are plenty of new quests, player skills, new areas to explore and new pvming bosses. Btw yes RS3 is much more of a pvm game than PVP. So regrettably PVP in this game is quite dead because no one wants to hazard. If nostalgia or PVP articles are what you're looking to get out of the experience, I would recommend OSRS. If however, you are open to the new changes in this sport or if u elaborate lore, updated/modernized gameplay compared to the infamous old RuneScape skill grinds then RS3 is Runescape for you to remain.

If you enjoy the PVP and the nostalgic feel of the 2007 design Runescape system, I would say go with OSRS. If PVM and quests are more significant for you personally and you enjoy the EOC system, I would say RS3 might be the better choice for you. You can swap into the legacy program in RS3. I swap once I get bored of RS3 and play with OSRS and then I continue playing RS3 if that gets boring. Individuals who argue about the game version being superior are delusional. They simply waste time but at the close of the day, everyone constantly will have their own tastes and opinions. Don't get sucked into it and just play any variation of Runescape, so that you can choose for yourself, which variant you prefer.

You can anticipate a dramatic decline in players overall from G.E days, at least RS3. The upsidedown is RS3 has more going for it up to endgame goes, and the street getting there is easier compared to old school rs. Unfortunately, microtransactions have entered Runescape as you could basically buy your way to 99/120, in such a way that trivializes training annoying skills. If microtransactions receive your platelets/skirt in a twist, you could always play Ironman mode where there's no choice for purchasing your way into a 99, but you also can't trade with players. Overall the reason I do not playschool is that I have sunk almost 10,000 hours in this game already. I really don't feel like doing this just for the nostalgia.

Have a look at 2007 Runescape - your own account progress will still be on RuneScape 3 though, you can perform a version from back in the afternoon (with lots of additional updates by now, however same core gameplay and graphics) everyone left a new start on 2007scape servers with OSRS Money. This is the RuneScape the way you recall it, in case you're searching for participating PvE content I'd totally have a peek at RS3. (2007scape/old school RuneScape is your place for pvp).
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