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Full Version: Is It Possible to Update an Old Garmin GPS?
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Follow the following steps to update an old Garmin GPS:

Connect your device to a computer
Plug your device into a computer using the USB cable you have received along with the device. But keep your device on while plug it into the computer. Immediately you will see a progress bar. The prompts will then begin automatically. If it’s the first time you are doing it then you will have to sign in to your Garmin account manually before you can start anything.

Install Garmin Express
The next step is to install Garmin express in your computer. To download and install Garmin express you will have to open the web browser to navigate to the Garmin express download page and then select “Download for Windows” or “Download for Mac” according to your operating system. After downloading you can run it in your computer to install it. If it’s already installed you can skip this step.

Purchase or install free updates
Ensure you have an active internet connection to install the Garmin Express. Once, it’s installed open Garmin Express to check for the latest updates. Click on “Add a device” and locate your GPS device. The software will search for all the updates and will show them on your screen. You can select the required updates you want to install. Or, you can also go for “select all” if you want to install all the updates. You can purchase a lifetime updates if you haven’t purchased them earlier.

Disconnect your device
Once you are completed updating and purchasing the new updates, click on “eject” to safely disconnect your device and unplug the USB cable.

You can then again install the device back in your vehicle to get the latest maps and routes with complete accuracy on your old Garmin GPS.

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