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Full Version: How to Activate McAfee Total Protection using McAfee?
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McAfee is one of the highly used anti-virus software that generates a layer of protection to the device so that the system gets rid of all the undesirable programs known as virus or malware. These viruses or malware programs may harm the users’ data in several ways. So, the company, McAfee has designed several advanced products or antivirus software that work in an effective manner using the latest technique to protect the device i.e., making the device free from attacks of any sort of undesirable programs.

Some of the top or highly used McAfee products are as follows:

1 McAfee Total Protection
2 McAfee Live Safe
3 Small Business Security
4 McAfee webadvisor
5 McAfee Safe Family
6 Mobile Security for Android
7 McAfee Safe Connect
8 Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad

All the aforementioned McAfee Activation products are available on the McAfee Retail Stores (i.e. offline method of purchase) or on the official website of McAfee i.e. (i.e. online method of purchase). For getting the simplest method of getting or purchasing the McAfee product via online method follow the steps mentioned at the support section of McAfee Activate.

Issues during McAfee activation

Sometimes, it has been observed that the users face some issues while activating their McAfee product. McAfee Activation key is a unique key having 16 digits that enables as well as make it sure that purchased product has been installed by the particular user itself. So, to avoid the occurrence of any of the errors while activating the McAfee product using the McAfee Activation key, follow the step-wise procedure given in the below mentioned information.

Steps to activate my McAfee product:

Follow the steps mentioned below to activate the McAfee product, easily. The steps are as follows:

1 First of all, execute the installed McAfee product or the McAfee Total Protection on the device.
2 Here, move to the ‘Activate’ section and then, enter the 16-digit unique key known as McAfee Activation key, in the respective field.
3 The users may find this 16-digits unique key in either of the two forms. This depends upon the method used by the users to purchase it:
4 If the method of purchase is offline then, this key will come in the form of McAfee Retail Card.
5 Else, this key will be emailed to the same email address that has been registered by the users while purchasing the product via. Online method i.e. through its official website (
6 At last, the ‘Activate’ button.

Hence, the Total Protection software has been activated successfully on the device. Now the users may execute the McAfee scanning process to detect the viruses on the device.

If still the errors are faced then, the users may contact the McAfee Customer support. They can do this by calling their toll-free number, regardless of time as they are available for all 24*7 hours.
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