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Full Version: How to learn how to play freecell solitaire.
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How to learn how to play freecell solitaire.
Solitaire games will help you not only get a positive or negative answer to your question, but also pass the time on vacation, on the road. First, learn how to play simple solitaire, and then move on to more complex ones.
Learn to play solitaire better with one of the easiest options. Take a deck of cards consisting of 36 pieces. It is better if it is not a game, but is designed specifically for divination.
Shuffle it first. At this time, verbally or aloud (if you are guessing alone), ask the cards a question that can be answered unambiguously-positive or negative.
Arrange the cards in 4 rows – 9 pieces each. Place in a horizontal order. When there are 9 cards in the first row, go to the second one and act like this until all the cards face down on the table.
Leave only the last card in your hand, the 36th card. Look at what it shows. Let's say it's an ACE. So, put it in the first row on the leftmost place. If it is, for example, a lady, then arrange it in the same row, but in the third place. The last place in this horizontal chain for the six.
If it is already occupied by a six of a different suit, then put it in the second row below it. As a result, you should have 4 rows of open cards, each in its own place. If this failed, all 4 sixes have already taken their position, and there are still many cards lying face down, then the wish will not come true. In the event that there are not enough of them lying face down, turn these instances over. It turned out that all the cards are in their place? So you get the answer to your secret question: "Yes."
You can complicate this solitaire a bit if you lay it out by suit. The top row is one, the next is another suit, and so on.
After a simple solitaire, you can move on to a more complex, but no less interesting one. Put 5 rows of cards so that the first (top) consists of 5, the second-of 4, in the third became 3, in the fourth 2, in the fifth 1 piece. But this is not the whole deal. Put all the cards face up, and the last ones in all the rows – up with a picture.
Now you can use the easy and complicated option. In the first case, you can put cards of any suit on top of each other, in the second case – only alternating the red with the black suit.
After you have laid out 5 rows, look at the open instances. Let's say that one of the lines contains a six of diamonds, and the other – a seven of clubs. Put this six on it and open the card that now closes the row instead of the six.
If there are no suitable cards, open them one by one from the remaining deck and put them on the instances in the rows that they fit. If you pulled out the king, give him a separate place on the table. Put a lady on it, a waltz on it, then a tenner, and so on. An ACE is placed on the six.
Did you manage to gradually collect all 4 suits in four stacks from king to ACE? Solitaire came together, so the wish will come true or you will get a positive answer to your question.
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