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Safety Eric Weddle hasn’t played any games with the Rams yet Ethan Westbrooks Jersey , but he’s already drawn a couple of conclusions about his new teammates.One of them is an opinion that probably formed after a minute or two of offseason work. Weddle called two-time defensive player of the year Aaron Donald “one of the best players in the NFL at all positions” and he’s unlikely to hear much dissent on that front.Weddle also said that he’s been very impressed by what he’s seen from cornerbacks Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib in their first months working together in Wade Phillips’s defense.“Those guys are super, super smart,” Weddle said during an appearance on NFL Network. “The instincts are off the charts. Play-making ability. . . . Those two are the best I’ve ever played with in my career of guys that play with vision, play the ball, understand routes John Sullivan Jersey , trust a safety that is going to alert them and put them in a position to make plays knowing that I have their backs. I’m extremely excited to get on the field with them, give ’em those live reps, live-game atmosphere and take this secondary to the next level.”Weddle said earlier this offseason that he hopes his mentoring can push safety John Johnson to another level and the Rams have a capable slot corner in Nickell Robey-Coleman to fill out a secondary that they’ll hope looks as good on the field as it does on paper. Los Angeles has long been ruled by the transcendent brands of the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers. Of course, those two still reign supreme throughout the region, but the NFL is the NFL Cory Littleton Jersey , and the Rams seem to be carving out a widening footprint in the city’s sports landscape. According to FOX LA’s Liz Habib, the Rams were able to edge out the Dodgers NLDS opener in the ratings war on Thursday night. The Rams surely felt a bump of support during their Super Bowl run last season and should continue to grow in popularity as a new generation grows up with a local team. Nobody is saying that they sit shoulder to shoulder with the Dodgers and Lakers yet, but they seem to be strong candidate for third already, and appear to have surpassed the followings of other popular Southern California NFL teams, like the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders. When the Rams beat the Saints at the Coliseum in Week 2 Nickell Robey-Coleman Jersey , it was a great sign of the team’s growth that Rams fans appeared to occupy about 85% of the seats against a popular brand like the Saints. Sustained success and a new stadium should only help the Rams continue their local growth.
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