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Full Version: Geared Trolley suppliers
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2 ton geared trolley is a kind of manual beam trolley . It is a good choice when precise load positioning is required. Geared trolley consists of a ring bracelet connected to the sprocket wheel, hand chain and manual trolley . The sprocket engages with the gear, which facilitates wheel movement when the operator pulling the hand chain .
Details :
Product Type Manual beam trolley
Capacity 2 ton
Hand chain Galvanized
Beam flange width80-168mm
Net weight 16kg
Package size 32*31*23cm
Color Yellow or customized
Allman geared trolley specification :
Features :
Capacity is also available for 500kg , 1ton , 2ton , 3ton ,5ton , 10 ton , 15ton , 20ton .
The shaft is adjustable and suitable for various beam widths .
3 meters standard drop hand chain , can be customized for longer chain as request .
Load tested to 150% of rated capacity
Anti-drop lugs included
Sealed ball-bearing wheels
CE certificated
Allman geared trolley can be used in bellow industries :
general engineering.
Product shows :
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